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About Us


To globally create a new measurement landscape. Smarter, quicker, better.



To provide disruptive measurement solutions which enable customers to achieve greater productivity, deliver faster results, be recognized for first class service and the highest possible value. We empower stakeholders to unlock incredible potential by being an agent for cutting edge change.

Management Experience

Prasidh Mankotia and Colin Davidson combine over 45 years of experience in the field of testing and measurement in the Middle East, Europe, India, SAARC and Asia Pacific. We know what clients need from their investment in test equipment and associated services, we understand the need for a clear return and the impact on the bottom line demanded in Civil Engineering and Manufacturing. Come and talk to us.

We thrive on enduring relationships built up over decades and ensure that technology providers and end users work closely together. We insist on excellence in our organisations to ensure that logistics, problem-solving, and after sales support are delivered reliably and consistently. Other key highlights defining PowerCept are:

  • Specialising in packaged product and support solutions for Civil Engineering, Education & Research and Manufacturing.

  • Providing clients with comprehensive application advice, customer service, calibration, repair and training.

  • Ensuring value through close working relationships with regulatory bodies, technology partners and end users.

  • Empowering local customers with a proven track record of bringing diverse business cultures together with best-in-class engineering solutions.

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