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Powercept Team

Prasidh Mankotia

Founder & Director of PowerCept Middle East LLC

Prasidh brings with him over 26 years of experience in Sales, Marketing, Business and Channel Development in the specialised fields of Engineering, Technology, Test and Measurement in the dynamic markets of the Middle East, Asia Pacific, India & SAARC. In the last 2 decades Prasidh has worked with both a Manufacturer (India) and a Distribution Partner (UAE) gaining a unique insight into what makes a successful, profitable and sustainable model for both direct and indirect selling.

Prasidh’s career has evolved from a Sales Engineer position to the Top Grass of Management (Profit Centre Head) being actively involved in the Total Management of the entire Business Cycle. He is a proven Leader Developing, Managing & Motivating High Performing Business Team and provides a Strategic, Non-Financial (Qualitative) & Financial Planning Dimension to the Business Objectives.  


Prasidh holds a Civil Engineering Degree and Masters in Business Administration specialising in Sales & Marketing.

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